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SW Chocolate and Coffee Fest wanted artwork with wow factor, humor, and rich detail to capture the energy and over-the-top indulgence of their world-class festival.

Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest Poster leaning against a wall next to two cups of coffee and a stack of donuts.

Kudose had worked with three designers and all they kept was a rough (but trademarked) logo with no real connection to their product. To meet their launch date they needed a logo fix, branding, all new packaging, and a website in a few short weeks…

Photograph of three pouches of THC gummies. Each pouch says "Kudose Fast-Acting THC Gummies" Three flavors are present - Relax, Create, and Energize

New Colony Beer Company wanted a parachuting beaver that was “stylized, but not cartoony” to be the focal point of the logo and branding for their new family-oriented brewery, taphouse, event space and music venue.

Three bottles of beer in a group. The label on the left most beer features a parachuting beaver holding a bottle of beer. The middle label features a beaver and a tree stump carved into a bottle of beer. The right most label is a beaver stepping away from a parachute while a plane flies overhead. Each has the text "New Colony Beer Company".

Haze Beer Snacks had been selling deliciously seasoned pretzels and snacks to local breweries, but this small family operation wanted to shift their brand to something that would appeal to kids and cool adults in an open air market environment.

Three snack bags of different flavors featuring three different package designs by ScrumCanoe

New Mexico Sticker Company wanted palpably regional branding for their primarily web-based business that featured a black and yellow color scheme and a “rolled up corner” on the logo so it would look like a sticker being peeled back.

Image of cell phone that is displaying New Mexico Sticker Company website on the screen.

Know Alternative Trading Co is the previous retail market project of ScrumCanoe. A common site at Albuquerque Saturday markets, Art Walks, and local artist events, KATco specialized in humorous, catchy, and often regional graphics printed on stickers and T-shirts.

Two framed posters for Know Alternative Trading Company on a light blue wall. the left image is of twin women with short bob haircuts in neon blouses. They both wear striped knee high socks and platform heels. The right poster is of a red obelisk with a black frame around it. the letters "KA" are on the bottom, with the "A" upside down.

Over 16 years experience as a professional graphic artist.


Delivers strong, visually related narratives across all assets.


 Clear design philosophy applied to every project.


Every design problem presents it’s own opportunity.

An incredible artist and valued collaborator. Donovan created a unique and perfect work of art to promote our world-class festival, taking our ideas and needs and incorporating them into his work. The poster art he delivered far exceeded our expectations and I look forward to working with him again.
Working with Donovan has been fantastic. He is professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. He is very clear in communicating with a group, and helps navigate ideas from the collective. He helped us with packaging, narrative, and compliance. He built a beautiful website. His keen eye to detail and artistic skills has come through on every level. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him.
It is incredible to meet and work with someone like Donovan. He created something that really represents us. We at New Mexico Sticker Company cannot thank him enough for his skill and care. To anyone considering his services, I would say "Donovan knows what he's doing, so let him do his magic for you."