ScrumCanoe MakerHause is the design studio of Donovan Pierce, a graphic designer, illustrator, muralist, and screen printer currently living in Boise, Idaho. is a living portfolio and resume. It is intended as a showcase of the most recent level of skill, creativity, and competence in a range of styles that can be expected when working with Donovan. Everything seen or read on this site is proof of the skill and level of detail that can be hired here.

When not working on designs for himself or clients, Donovan works at a Middle School, is expanding his drawing skills at Proko, is a Freak Alley muralist, a student of Improv at Recycled Minds Comedy, a novice stand up comedian, a motorcycle touring enthusiast and traveler, and avid fan of vintage film and radio.

Man in a beard dressed as Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick. He is wearing a flip bill baseball cap, white circle sunglasses, and a neon green and yellow jacket in front of a black and green abstract mural.
Donovan Pierce

Senior Designer & illustrator


Every artist has (or should have) a set of allies and artists with admirable skills they go to for opinions and critique, or for collaboration when their joined skills will achieve the best possible results for a project.

Donovan turns to and works with these talented and exceptional people listed here. He also recommends them!