Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest

SW Chocolate and Coffee Fest wanted artwork with wow factor, humor, and rich detail to capture the energy and over-the-top indulgence of their world-class festival.

A poster of Chocolate and Coffee Fest 2024 leans against a wall. The poster is by ScrumCanoe and features a sun overlooking a dance party with a cast of cartoon characters that are made of chocolate or coffee. Two coffee cups sit by the poster. One coffee cup features the logo and colors of Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest, the other cup features the logo and colors of ScrumCanoe. On the right side of the table stands a stack of colorful donuts.

Though titled Chocolate and Coffee Fest, a broad selection of gourmet foods and drinks are featured at the festival. Diverse characters are used to expand expectations and hint at the true scope of the event.

To emphasize the Southwest we see cactuses, a New Mexico-shaped amplifier, and a Route 66 scene weaving past a Googie-era road sign that relays the event details.

As a nod to the host city, we see Balloon Fiesta-inspired details and a blazing New Mexico sun with a shoulder tattoo.Ā 

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